Best Coffee Table Books

“The things you keep on your coffee table say a lot abut who you are and where you’ve been. For anyone who truly loves interior décor, a coffee table is not just another countertop that holds your miscellaneous items after you walk in the door. Instead, it should be viewed as the centerpiece of your living area”. – Lauren Conrad

  1. American Beauty  – Buy this if…you love girl power, America and drop-dead gorgeous celebs.
  2. Domino: The Book of Decorating – Buy this if…you find yourself at flea markets on the weekends, love ikat prints, and your home is described as “eclectic.”
  3. Christian Louboutin – Buy this if…you find most of your paycheck going towards exquisite shoes each month.rLmBfsqCbldCqab6oTvsv7h0.jpeg:Amazon:photo
  4.  Decorate: 1,000 Design Ideas for Every Room in Your Home – Buy this if…you’re decorating your home from scratch and have no idea where to begin.caUxOTgteFuNINjrZxzH1qou.gif:Amazon:photo
  5. Harper’s Bazaar: Greatest Hits – Buy this if…you’ve saved every issue of Harper’s Bazaar for as long as you can remember (then de-clutter your life and throw them out!).bT1NKlBjItBAc2qgVTxm0mbc.jpeg:Amazon:photo
  6. The Big Book of Chic – Buy this if…you constantly catch yourself daydreaming of moving into a Park Avenue palaceghmBnOtHm0o4IVdmpPgb8Ml0.jpeg:Amazon:photo
  7. Vogue Living: Houses Gardens People – Buy this if…you’re looking to take your monthly subscriptions of Vogue and Elle Décor to the next level.qCXiKsoaRIsUFSE3Dzs2I1c1.jpeg:Amazon:photo
  8. The Handwritten Letter Project – Buy this if…you want a guaranteed conversation starter the next time you host a happy hour.oQZbbPlCAuVRiYHRhDkZkJmk.jpeg:Amazon:photo
  9.  Vintage Cocktails – Buy this book if…you’ve just finished decorating your bar cart and you need a literary accouterment to go with it.pWYhVx8797GQFa6zDuZDIwLN.jpeg:Amazon:photo
  10. The Trench Book – Buy this book if….you cite Sophie Loren and Audrey Hepburn as your personal style icons.

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