Fitness: NO more EXCUSES


Excuse #1: For Who?

I hear that a lot and have often been guilty of it myself. There is no one else except for YOU,  you should want to be in shape and healthy for yourself and no one else. It provides a stronger self confidence, its gets your endorphins running which provide a positive boost in mood and energy. So STOP asking for WHO! The answer is YOU!

Excuse #2: My gym is too far.

Take advantage of working out outdoors. Lace up and go for a run, a hike, or even a nice long walk in your neighborhood. While the gym you belong to may not be right down the street, there is no reason to let that get in the way of you getting in shape. On those days that you can’t squeeze in driving to the gym, try following a workout DVD instead.

Excuse #3: I don’t know how to begin.

Exercising and eating healthy will prolong your life, prevent disease, and boost your mood. If you feel uncomfortable with certain workouts, ease into them. Grabbing a friend and heading to a yoga class, a spinning session, or taking a hike is also a great way to boost your cardio confidence. I promise you will be happier once you do!

Excuse #4: I don’t have time

I also find myself with this one because of my work schedule. The truth of the matter is that if something is a priority, you will make time for it. You don’t have to set aside a three-hour window just to break a sweat. A 30-minute run is a great way to get cardio in when you don’t have much time to spare. If you have an extra busy day, try doing some exercise’s in your bedroom before work or before bed. It can even be as simple as doing 50 jumping jacks, 50 sit ups, or 50 squats. Every little bit counts!


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