Fashion: Boat Trip Essentials

“Heading to the shore for a boating excursion with friends is one of summer’s most idyllic activities. After all, few gathering places offer the irresistible combination of sophistication, gorgeous views, and relaxing energy that floating along the coastline does! If you’re lucky enough to be boarding a mini-cruise this summer, we’ve made a list of a few essentials you’ll want to have on hand to stay stylish and relaxed on your outing!”


1. Water-friendly shoes and cute shorts are essential on-board. If you happen to be on water that’s warm enough to swim in, a cute one-piece doubles as a chic top in case you want to take a dip!

2. Grab a stylish ocean inspired tote!

3. Fill your stylish tote with a beach towel and cute hoodie for inevitable splashes and chilly winds.

4. You know you’ll want some great tunes on your trip, plus memories of all those fun times and gorgeous views afterward. Be sure to grab a camera and a radio! Waterproof technology is a lifesaver! 

– via glitter guide


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