Drink: A Holiday Cocktail & DIY Wooden Coasters

DIY-Holiday-Coasters-+-Cocktail-Glitter-Guide6There’s no time like the holidays to get in touch with your inner hostess, but by Christmas, constant entertaining can take its toll on your time and creativity! To help keep your gatherings filled with holiday spark, interior designerMichaela Warner of About the Girl shared her ideas for a festive cocktail party. Between her sophisticated and rustic (and deceptively simple!) DIY wood slice coasters, and a delicious sparkling cocktail that’s a snap to mix up, you’re next holiday party is sure to be a crowd pleaser! (via glitter guide post)


To create your own Wood Slice Coasters:
Step 1: Find wood coasters or rounds (like we did on Etsy!) or cut your own.
Step 2: Use a gold pen to write out fun holiday words on each one. Pop, Fizz, Bubbly, Cheers! Next, we went over the gold with some white to make it stand out more. Finally, we accented the marker with some shimmery gold paint.
Step 3: Let them dry and mix up your cocktail!

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