8 Green Smoothies To Try

For most of us, the new year usually means resolutions for healthier eating—especially after all of our holiday indulging. Within the past few years, green smoothies have been the ‘it’ drink of choice, so here are a few recipes I’m inspired to try out this month.

1. This Banana Peach Green Smoothie is creamy and sweet thanks to avocado, peaches, banana and maple syrup!


2. Looking to reboot your system for 2015? Try this Super Detox Green Cleansing Smoothie.


3. Caitlin swears by her Good Morning Green Smoothie—she drinks it almost every day! Have fun swapping out seasonal fruit and flavored milks.


4. Not ready to dive into a fully green smoothie? Try this kid-friendly Strawberry Pomegranate Green Smoothie.


5. This Coconut Green Smoothie has us dreaming of warmer weather!


6. This antioxidant-rich Blackberry Green Smoothie is an ideal afternoon treat. And thanks to that gorgeous purple hue, you won’t even realize you’re drinking your greens!


7. If you’re getting extra serious about your diet, this Fruit-Free Green Smoothie is for you!


8.We love the addition of almond butter and ginger in My Favorite Green Smoothie.


via glitterguide


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